About us

Choose from sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, bagels and salads as well as hot breakfasts, melts and jacket potatoes.

Croques won an award in 2002 for best coffee shop in Leicestershire in the county's tourism awards. In fact, the deli and sandwich bar has become so popular we are looking at expanding into other areas of the East Midlands.

"We make all our sandwiches fresh and people want this. The newest thing we have introduced recently is wraps, which are proving very popular among our customers. Certainly people are eating more healthy, and toasted bagels and salads are also a big hit."

Croques has also started selling it's fillings, such as chilli jam and onion marmalade, after a demand from it's customers. Experts are predicting that the industry is set to grow much further with more sandwich shops set to open. I certainly wouldn't bet against seeing more sandwich shops opening up in the area.

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